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Fulfillment prices

We have a simple and cheap pricing scheme that will allow your business to grow at your pace, without minimum terms or volumes of operation minimal, no compromises.

Rayo Fulfillment

From $23 pesos / week

We store our clients' products in express warehouses or in the HUB Rayo.

Pick & Pack
$15 pesos / fulfillment order
(price up to 5 pieces)

We pick and then pack your product in its optimal packaging for each order. 

Quoted for each delivery

(Standard flat, express per km) 

We select the best parcel or last mile company to deliver your orders.

How does it work?

Our service goes from storage of your products until the delivery of your orders to destination

First we integrate with your eCommerce, then we receive your products in our warehouses or in the HUB, we count the product and we store them in bin positions. 

When we receive an order from your eCommerce, we pack it and send it to your client, either in CDMX or nationally, with the main parcel and last mile companies.  

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