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Fulfillment for eCommerce

We simplify the logistics of your eCommerce, a service from storage to delivery, simple and cheap

1. We connect to your store

We connect to your eCommerce platform to automatically receive your orders. We have plugins for Shopify, Ecwid, WooCommerce.

We connect in 5 minutes!


2. We store your products

Have warehouses where we store your products. We receive, record, and accommodate all items strategically. Our spaces are located within the city, close to your clients, so that your orders always reach them as quickly as possible.

3. We pack your orders

We automatically receive your orders in our warehouse and do the Pick & Pack of your order immediately. 

We can use your own packaging to give unique experiences to your customers. 


4. We send your order to your client

We work with the best parcel and last mile companies.  Our system decides with which to send each order, to reduce time and costs, increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

Ancla Servicios
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