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Do you have your own warehouse and need a system of first level to manage your orders, your inventory, your shipping labels and notifications to your customers?

WMS Rayo will save you a lot of time, money and headaches. 


WMS, OMS, TMS and more
Take your logistics to the next level


Inventory and location control

Control inventory within each location of your warehouse. Generates automatic product receipts and discounts from fulfillment order outputs.


Pick & Pack

Step by Step

We simplify the process from letting you know exactly where each product in your orders is so you don't waste time searching. Then it recommends the appropriate packaging to send your products.


Automatic generation and filling of shipping labels

No longer waste time filling out package guides or deciding which is the best option for each shipment, the WMS does all that for you. Just print the guide and stick it to the package.


Creation of fulfillment orders

They are generated automatically from your eCommerce through our plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Magento and all others. We also have an API to connect to any ERP or system.


Connection with eCommerce

It is not necessary to register each order, with the connection to your eCommerce, the WMS automatically receives each fulfillment order when there is a sale, and then updates the status of each order.


Notifications by whatsapp and tracker

We prevent your clients from asking you about their orders by notifying them in each part of the process through WhatsApp so that they feel calm about their order, from the purchase to the delivery of their order.

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